Bends and Welds


The group of companies

Sales and system head functions in Germany – production in the Czech Republic

The BENDS and WELDS International Products GmbH Group is a family business consisting of the engineering office „BENDS and WELDS International Products GmbH, Deutschland“, the production factory „H.J.H. PIPETECH spol s.r.o., Czech Republic” and the production service provider „H.J.H. PIPE SERVICE s.r.o., Slovakia”.

As a group of companies, we have specialized on the production of pipe bends for the gas and oil industry and for industrial plants. The sales and system head functions are in our engineering office in Germany, with production and quality control in our plant in the Czech Republic.

We plan and design pipe bends which are produced in our plant subject to highest quality requirements. We produce our induction pipe bends within the agreed delivery period and with documented material quality. We supply pipe bends through our international contacts, with the our bends being used in gas and oil pipelines across the globe.

BENDS and WELDS International Products GmbH, Germany

BENDS and WELDS International Products GmbH is the sales and engineering office of the Group in Jüchen, Germany. It was established at the beginning of 2000 as a spin-off from the bending company HD Reisholz GmbH (formerly “Lentjes Anlagenbau”).

BENDS and WELDS operates within the Group as the system head function, i.e. where know-how-intensive key processes are kept, such as:

  • Sales, consultancy and project mangement
  • Engineering and design
  • Production planning and control
  • Quality management and materials technology

H.J.H. PIPETECH spol s.r.o., Czech Republic

H.J.H. PIPETECH spol s.r.o is the Group’s production unit based in Dolni Becva, Czech Republic. It was likewise established in 2000. PIPETECH’s main areas of activity are the production and quality control. Our optimized production programs and work planning systems enable a high level of production flexibility, short delivery periods and high output capacities.

H.J.H. PIPE SERVICE s.r.o., Slovakia

H.J.H. PIPE SERVICE s.r.o is a production service company within the Group, located in Slovakia. Founded in 2001, PIPE SERVICE is now mainly an internal production personnel-leasing company and is responsible for the surface treatment – such as blast cleaning and coating.