Bends and Welds


We are an international niche player, which has specialized all its processes, production, marketing and cost structure on the induction bending business. We are therefore able to offer you an extensive dimensional program and master the whole added-value chain from the receipt of pipes up to coated pipe bends.

Our values in the company group are as follows:

1. Quality, experience and know-how

  • Focus on high-quality products
  • A quality management system based on ISO 9001
  • Close collaboration with internal audit companies
  • More than 35 years of management experience
  • Emerged from an 80 year-old history (Kahle Rohrleitungsbau, Lentjes and HD Reisholz)
  • Decades of bending and processing data banks
  • A high level of engineering and materials know-how

2. Flexibility, on-time delivery and customer orientation

  • We are a specialist: small with speedy reaction capabilities
  • Extreme flexibility in production by means of our optimization programs
  • Speed and short delivery periods as a result of optimized production shedules
  • Increased delivery capabilities as a result of improved capacities
  • Long-term compliance with deadlines on all projects
  • Customer-focused / one interface to the customer
  • Complete support and flexible reactions to customer requirements
  • Technical advice from the planning stage to the building site

3. International and modern

  • Worldwide references
  • Worldwide logistic partners and sales partners
  • Closely networked within the industry
  • Up-to-date with regard to international engineering, material and management tools